TMC Get Moving Tucson Halloween Weekend Events

Sunday, October 30, 2016
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​The 2016 TMC Get Moving Tucson Halloween Weekend Events are now open for registration.   Four events, two days, two logo colors, and one Halloween Weekend!

The TMC Get Moving Tucson Event is the biggest urban half-marathon in Tucson with over 2,000 participants. Run or walk our exciting Downtown courses, including the suddenly-cool Downtown, historic West University, and beautiful Sentinel Peak with the classic Tucson views from A-Mountain.  Low pricing, family-friendly, & easily accessible -- what more can you ask for?

Saturday, October 29

8:00 am TMC Girls on the Run of Tucson 5k Walk/Run, only for participants and families of the TMC Girls on the Run of Tucson, Fall 2016 program

9:00 am Tucson Lifestyle 5k Run/Walk, for all ages and participants -- costume contest, age group awards, and more!

10:00 am Cox Charities FitKidz Free One Mile for children under 12 years old

Sunday, October 30

7:00 am TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon -- costume contest, age group awards, and more!


Proceeds from the TMC Get Moving Tucson Weekend will fund local charities, including Cox Charities, Team Hoyt Arizona, Reid Park Zoo, Child and Family Resources, and the Southern Arizona Roadrunners.  We are grateful to TMC for being able to provide a community-based event for their Girls on the Run program.  Contact TMC here if you are interested in being involved in their Girls on the Run program.

Check out thousands of 2015 race photos at


14 cool things for 2016

1. Special Friday Night Registration at The Running Shop October 28th

2. Every participant receives a free comfortable black t-shirt or orange shirt with the 2016 colorful design 

3. Race morning free coffee from Team Hoyt Arizona -- plus Food Trucks on both days!

Race course highlights

4. Muscle Milk arch on A-Mountain, with live music and water stop volunteers from Sahuaro HS

5. Live Music along the Santa Cruz River Path water stop volunteers from Catalina HS cross country and youth from Vision Quest

6. Finish Line Live Music: main stage band to be announced!

7. Wildcat Running Club volunteers providing direction along the route

Post-Race fun for all
8. Children's activities and free massage, with Cox Communications jumping castle and face painting

9. Reid Park Zoo interactive booth

10. Raffle items at awards ceremony courtesy of The Running Shop and Run Tucson with discounted SAR race shirts for purchase

11. Snacks and fruit from TMC

12. All TMC Half-Marathoners receive finisher's medallion, while all Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown registrants receive their third and final medal

13. Vendor booths from Tucson Medical Center with giveaways, plus booths from the Running Shop, new student start-ups from the UA McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, and more.

Raising Money
14. Funds from this race go to a number of local beneficiaries:

  • Reid Park Zoo
  • Child and Family Resources
  • Team Hoyt Arizona
  • Southern Arizona Roadrunners
  • Local schools and organizations: St. Augustine HS Cross Country; Catalina HS Cross Country; Sahuaro HS Cross Country;  Wildcat Running Club; VisionQuest 

Do you want some training advice?  Contact Tia Accetta at Run Tucson's The Workout Group.

Date and Time

Saturday, October 29

8:00 am TMC Girls on the Run of Tucson 5k Walk/Run, for participants, families, and Run Buddies of the TMC Girls on the Run of Tucson, Fall 2016 program

9:00 am Tucson Lifestyle 5k Run/Walk, for all ages and participants -- costume contest, age group awards, and more!

10:00 am Cox Charities FitKidz Free One Mile for children under 12 years old

Sunday, October 30

7:00 am TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon -- costume contest, age group awards, and more!

Race Awards

Rewards For Fast Running: The 2015 Half-Marathon Prize Money Structure - 2016 Details Soon

• $100 to first overall male and $100 to first overall female; $50 to top overall Master's (Over-40) male and female

• $200 to the top 5 males who break 1:11 and to the top 5 females who break 1:26

• $500 for course records.  Current course records are Scott Smith’s 1:06:23 (2012) and Ariana Hilborn's 1:21:19 (2013)

• $100 to first male and female member of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners

• Preem award of $100 to first male and female runner to the “A” on Sentinel Peak 


**A-Mountain preem prize money is only given if the A-Mountain leader finishes the complete half-marathon in under 1:30 minutes for the man and 1:40 minutes for the woman

++ Runners who break the course record will receive $500, but not the additional $200

My wife says this is too complicated, but we are trying to reward performance and local running.  So, as an example, if a man wins the race overall in 1:11:01 but is second to the "A" he will get $100.  If the wining man is first man to the "A" and is also a member of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, he will win $300. As another example, if the female winner is a SAR member who is first to the top of the hill while breaking the course record, she will receive $750.  When in doubt, join SAR! 

TMC Get Moving Tucson Event: A-Mountain Half-Marathon Top Ten Times, Men
Place Name  Age  Time  Date  
1 Scott Smith 26 1:06:23 Oct-21-2012
2 Craig Curley  23 1:07:13 Oct-9-2011
3 Jordan Chipingama 23 1:08:20 Oct-21-2012
4 Ian Burrell  28 1:09:14 Oct-20-2013
5 Kurt Michels  29 1:09:58 Oct-20-2013
6 Andrew Allstadt  30 1:13:16 Oct-20-2013
7 Steve Slaby 30 1:14:34 Oct-9-2011
8 Alejandro Troncoso 26 1:14:36 Oct-19-2014
9 Kurt Michels 30 1:16:27 Oct-19-2014
10 Edgar Reynoson 20 1:16:33 Oct-9-2011

TMC Get Moving Tucson Event: A-Mountain Half-Marathon Top Ten Times, Women
Place Name  Age Time  Date 
1 Ariana Hilborn 33 1:21:17 Oct-20-2013
2 Autumn Ray 34 1:22:06 Oct-19-2014

3 Amy Cole 30 1:23:40 Oct-19-2014
4 Maggie Callahan 25 1:23:42 Oct-20-2013
5 Alicia Shay 30 1:24:35 Oct-21-2012
6 Tia Accetta 37 1:24:43 Oct-21-2012
7 Hanna Henson 22 1:26:13 Oct-21-2012
8 Aleta Jokisch 23 1:26:15 Oct-20-2013
9 Amy Cole 28 1:27:36 Oct-21-2012
10 Stephanie Wenneborg 38 1:28:06 Oct-09-20111

Age Group Awards for both 5k and Half-Marathon Announced

All Age Group Winners and overall runners will receive a gift certificate to The Running Shop and a souvenir beer stein.  

Here is the plan for the Half Marathon:
Overall 1 gc $60, Overall 2 gc $50, Overall 3 gc $40
Masters 1 gc $50
Age group 1 gc $35, TMC GMT beer stein
Age group 2 gc $25, TMC GMT beer stein
Age group 3 gc $20, TMC GMT beer stein

Here is the plan for the 5k:
Overall 1 gc $45, Overall 2 gc $35, Overall 3 gc $25
Masters 1 gc $35

Age group 1 gc $15, TMC GMT beer stein
Age group 2 gc $10, TMC GMT beer stein
Age group 3 gc TMC GMT beer stein

Training Advice

About the Race Director: The TMC Get Moving Tucson Half-Marathon event was founded by Randy Accetta, long-time SAR Board member and past SAR President.  Working at the time with Jannie Cox, the first Get Moving 10-Miler was a cross-city race. Over recent years, the race has been brought to Downtown Tucson and includes iconic A-Mountain, the Santa Cruz Riverpath, and Downtown Tucson neighborhoods.  The Get Moving Tucson event is on the SAR calendar, with the TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon on the SAR "Running Shop Grand Prix."  A former 2:19 marathoner who ran in the 1996 US Olympic Trials Marathon, Randy is a Mentor in Residence at the University of Arizona's McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship and is the national Director of Coaching Education for the Road Runners Club of America.  He and his wife Tia live near the UA with their two small children, both of whom are faster than Randy.


2016 UPDATED: How to Run the TMC A-Mountain Half, a mile-by-mile description of the race course.  

Miles 1-3 The 5k and Half-Marathon runners both start in front of the historic Pioneer Building on Stone Avenue.  To ensure an accurate and certified course for each race, the course will include a lap of the Downtown library at the very beginning, followed by a straight shot east along Pennington Avenue to Sixth Avenue. 

Runners will head to the east side of Sixth Avenue and drop under the rail tracks via the Sixth Avenue Underpass, before heading north on Sixth Avenue all the way up to Second Street.  Turn right on Second Street and head towards the University of Arizona for a half-mile or so, then turn left on First Avenue and left again on First Street.  This section should be fun – plenty of folks to run with, an easy uphill through the first mile, then mostly flat for a mile, then a very nice downhill all the way through the Sixth Avenue Underpass.  There is a water stop just before Mile 2, on Second Street and Fourth Avenue by the park.  

Miles 3-4 The 5k will finish on Church at the cross walk of the Old Court House, while the Half-Marathoners will go past the finish line on Church at the Old Court House.  From Court House/Jacome Plaza, go north on Church to Sixth Street, then turn left on Sixth.  This stretch to I-10 is all a gentle downhill down towards the Santa Cruz.  Take advantage of this slight drop.  From Sixth/St. Mary’s you’ll turn south on Bonita and have the whole street to yourselves until you hit Congress. Heading west on Congress to the A-Mountain road at Cuesta is a gradual rise - not very noticeable, but still, a bit uphill. You’ll be on the north side of Congress all the way to Cuesta.  Again, be patient on this stretch.

Miles 5-7 Once you turn south on Cuesta and hit Sentinel Peak Road you will begin to notice a bit of an uphill.  OK, it's a bit more than a bit uphill.  Almost the same distance as the famed Saguaro hill, the climb up to the “A” on A-Mountain can be broken into a few sections.  Stay to the right side of the road on this whole stretch.  The first piece through the neighborhoods is gradual, so try to get in a steady rhythm without working too hard.  As you hit the parking lot on the right about a half-mile up the hill, you’ll notice a flattening for a couple of hundreds of yards.  This is a good time to re-assess your pace and shake out your arms a bit.  Then you have a quarter mile of steepness to the split at the top of the mountain, where the Cross Country team from Sahuaro High School will be cheering and handing out water.  In 2015, we'll have Chuckwalla rock n' roll band, plus friends from Muscle Milk.  Go through the Muscle Milk arch!

The race route will take you to the right, counter-clockwise, with a gorgeous view of the Starr Pass area to the west and the Santa Rita Mountains to the south.  You can see the sparkling observatories of Kitt Peak and the mountains surrounding Baboquivari Peak. The hill softens a bit as you make the half-mile push for the sparkling white “A.”  There are a couple of false summits as you approach the top, so maintain a steady pace.  

According to, the whole climb is about 1.5 miles with a 509 foot elevation gain.  Not that bad, right?  Once you hit the low brick wall marking the parking areas on the east side, you’re almost to the top. Another hundred yards or so, and you level out for a few steps before plunging downhill.  
Miles 7-8 The downhill is probably the hardest part of the course.  Enjoy the pull of gravity, but you’ll want to be careful of running too fast - don’t brake yourself, but don’t overstride too much, either.  Like with the Tucson Marathon, too much too fast will blow out your quads, so be smart on the downhill section.

Miles 9-10 Once you’re off the hill, the half-mile stretch heading east on Congress is pretty easy.  Please stay inside the cones on the south lane of Congress.  You’ll turn south on Grande and stay on the right side of the road all the way down to the bike path entrance just north of 22nd/Starr Pass Blvd. You may be tempted to pick up the pace on this stretch, but it’s probably better to be patient here as you run in the morning sunshine below Sentinel Peak.  When you enter the Santa Cruz River Path at Grande (just north of Starr Pass Blvd), you'll have a water station, live music, and an ambulance at the dirt lot.  At this point you should be in a nice rhythm.  

Mile 10-12 Once on the bike path, you will stay on the right hand side of the bike path and head south for exactly 660 yards then do a U-turn and head back north, still staying on the right side of the lane as you pass runners for another 660 yards until the path opens up.  (As you can probably tell, we needed this turn-around on the bike path to ensure that the course is exactly 13.1 miles.) You’ll head north on the bike path all the way until St. Mary’s again. Again, stay on the bike path the whole way -- you'll have a water station crewed by the cross country runners of Catalina High School offering water just before Mile 12.  We'll also have live music here.  You should be feeling good along the River Path, so this is a nice place to step up the pace a bit.  There are some shady stretches and you’re getting closer to home on this primarily flat stretch.

Mile 12-13.1 Exiting the bike path onto St. Mary’s is a bit tricky. As you come up the hill off the bike path approaching St. Mary’s, you can either hug the pathway to the right and stay on the narrow sidewalk heading east across the Santa Cruz or you can jump down from the curb to the main roadway. If I were racing it, I would probably hop the curb, but it’s a bit high, perhaps as many as 10”, so be careful here.  As you head under the I-10, you’re about 2/3 of mile from the finish line, so it’s time to put the pedal to the metal!!  You finish with a long straight-away up Church Street.  Save some for the final kick!

Race Hotels

2016 Details Soon


Proceeds from the event will fund local charities, including Cox Charities, Team Hoyt Arizona, Reid Park Zoo, Child and Family Resources, and the Southern Arizona Roadrunners.

Community Partners

We want to thank a host of community partners for help with this event, including our title sponsor, Tucson Medical Center.  Without TMC's support, we could not produce such a large event.  We urge all runners and walkers to patronize our sponsors and partners-- check out their logos and links on the sidebar!

Interested in being a sponsor?  Contact Race Director Randy Accetta.  It's expensive to put on a race Downtown, and we're looking for course sponsors, t-shirt sponsors, and post-event sponsors.  Join the healthiest community in Arizona!


Call Race Director Randy Accetta 520-991-0733 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Race Fees

Saturday October 29

Tucson Lifestyle 5k Walk/Run

$25 By June 30
$30 July 1 - August 30
$35 After September 1

TMC Girls on the Run 5k

Free, but for TMC Girls on the Run participants only 

Cox Charities One Mile Family Walk/Run
FREE for all (no shirt, except for children under 12)

Sunday October 30

TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon

  • $40 By June 30
  • $50 July 1 - August 30
  • $60 September 1 - September 31
  • $70 October 1- October 21
  • $75 After October 21 and on race weekend

Please remember that all registrations are final, with no refunds.  The race will go on rain or shine . . . . 


News Course Info

Race Distances and Courses

The course map for 2015 is shown below. Scroll down for detailed suggestions on running this unique Tucson route.

Both the 5k and the half-marathon do the first 3.1 miles through through the West-UA neighborhoods and Downtown.  The 5k will end at the Downtown library on Church, whil the half-marathoners will head over to A-Mountain and do that portion of the route. The Half-Marathon route will include A-Mountain, the freshly re-paved Santa Cruz Riverpath, and streets of Downtown Tucson. 

Special thanks to the Arizona Department of Transportation for allowing us access to the the St. Mary’s Underpass at I-10, and to the City of Tucson and the Tucson Police Department for all their help with the route planning.


110 North Church Street in Downtown Tucson, at the Jacome Plaza by the library and the Old Court House.  There is plenty of nearby street parking.  Please see ParkWise for maps and locations or visit our friends at the Downtown Tucson Partnership for a great map of Downtown parking. 

Check out the updated course map:

Race Weather

Race conditions are typically 63 degrees at race start, and clear skies.  We’re a bit worried about the heat, so check out Tucson’s current conditions and forecast so you’ll be prepared!

Results Photos

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