Friday Night Festival of Miles, part of TMC Meet Me Downtown Weekend News

To get ready for the Festival of Miles, April 22 has been named Tucson Tutu Day

Apr 18, 2017

Which mile is right for you? See the eblast with Friday Night Festival of Miles details. April 22 has been named Tucson Tutu Day, with free tutus at The Running Shop!  From 12:00pm - 3:00 pm register in person at the Running Shop and get a free tutu -- plus save 22% on all Running Shop apparel.  Can't make it in person?  Then sign up online here.

The first 22 people (get it?) who sign up in person at The Running Shop will receive a free tutu -- a perfect item for the "Tucson Tutu Mile" at the Friday Night Festival of Miles. Everyone who registers for any TMC Meet Me Downtown event will get 22% off any apparel purchase at The Running Shop from noon - 3:00.  Thanks to Sharon and the gang for being such a great race partner!  Remember, the Running Shop is 3055 North Campbell, south of Ft. Lowell & north of Glenn.  

What is the Festival of Miles? As a reminder, we've added a Friday night series of events as part of the popular "TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k" in order to make a full weekend of events.  Basically, we're trying to make the TMC Meet Me Downtown Weekend a big deal -- we want it to be more fun for our local runners and a destination for runners from around the country.  Last year participants from over 30 states came to Tucson to do TMC Meet Me Downtown -- and we want to continue to promote Tucson as a great place to live and a great place to visit!

Saturday night, May 27 is the traditional TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night  Run and Walk, with over 2000 runners and walkers cruising the Downtown neighborhoods -- every participant gets a free shirt and free beer at the beer garden -- plus live music, food trucks, after-party at Hotel Congress, and other great activities.  Plus, with over $4,000 in prize money, this event attracts the fastest runners in the country so you can play with the big kids! 

Friday night May 26 is the second annual Festival of Miles: a series of separate one-mile races.  You can run or walk, you can go with friends, or you can race your heart out!  This year, we have the Tucson Tutu Mile -- you must wear a tutu -- with prize money. There is also the Battle of the Badges for all regional civil servants and first-responders -- police, sheriff, fire departments, Border Patrol, Davis Monthan, National Guard, prison guards, National Park Service, and more.  The FitKidz event is a big hit, with over 500 kids under 12 running for free!  

And this year's special treat is that the Festival of Miles is the RRCA National Championship race -- over $3,000 in prize money and special awards for open runners, runners 40-and-over; runners 50-and-over, and runners 60-and-over.  

On the social side, we'll have the beer garden, food trucks, live music, Muscle Milk arch, stiltwalkers, roaming magicians and more.  The Children's Museum will be open, too!

So, that's the plan.  Let me know if you have any questions --


Friday Night Miles Prize Money Update

May 26, 2016

The One MIle is the RRCA Arizona State One Mile Championships, with a total of $2,366 in incentive-based prize money.  The prize money and the RRCA state championships are only for those running in the Open and the Masters divisions.  Thus, the tutu, high school, FitKidz, and Battle of the Badge divisions are not eligible for prize money.  However, the winning team in the Battle of the Badges as scored by standard cross country rules, will have $250 donated on their behalf to the charity of their choice.

The Road Runners Club of America will provide special RRCA Championship Medallions to the first place Men’s and Women’s finishers in Open, Masters (Over 40), Grand Masters (Over 50), and Super Grand Masters (Over 60).  The winners in these divisions will be from the fastest times run all night.  So, if a Master or Grand Master runner runs in the Open division, his or her time will count towards the Masters or Grand Masters category. Same holds true in reverse: for example, if a men's Masters athlete has the overall fastest time for the night, he would win the Open awards and the Masters award, plus the consequent prize money.  Thus, like in track meets, athletes should run through the finish line because they are competing not only in their heat but in both Open and Masters divisions.

Open Men and Women Prize Money

1st  $300

2nd  $200

3rd $100

$408.90 Race Director Challenge Bonus

408 dollars and 90 cents bonus to the fastest man who breaks the race director’s personal best of 4:08.9.  
408 dollars and 90 cents bonus to the fastest woman who breaks the equivalent time of 4:48.9 (see the Mercier Score Calculator for comparison details)

Master's Prize Money (40-and-over) Male and Female (no minimum time set for the master's money)

1st $100

2nd $50

3rd $25 

NOTE: Prize Money double-dipping is allowed.


2016 Course maps for TMC Meet Me Downtown Weekend

May 11, 2016

Here are the course maps for the Festival of Miles on Friday night, May 27th and for the TMC 5k Night Run on Saturday night, May 28th.


May 27th Festival of Miles Update

Apr 20, 2016

The inaugural Festival of Miles on May 27th is for all ages and all abilities.  Click here for the recent eblast with all the race details.  Click here to sign up.  As for the past three years at the TMC Night Run, the SAR FitKidz event is open to all -- last year we had about 400 kids and families!  But each of the other Festival of Miles race categories is capped at 60 people apiece, so reserve your spot for this exciting first-ever event.  First 60 finishers in each division gets a cool commemorative medal!

Why the Mile? We want Tucson to get out, get moving, and have fun -- and doing a Mile is a great way to start.  Walk, stroll, jog, or run.  Go with Grandma, go with Grandpa, go with your kids, or go with your cutie-pie.  Running for only a few minutes a day or at slow speeds may significantly reduce a person's risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to someone who does not run, so just get out and get moving!  


What is the Battle of the Badges at the Festival of Miles?

Apr 13, 2016

As part of TMC Meet Me Downtown and Friday Night Festival of Miles, we're planning the first-ever "Battle of the Badges" to showcase our police, sheriff, fire, border patrol, military, and other civil servants who provide security for us.
What's the Plan?
We've never done this before, but here's our idea: The Battle of the Badges One Mile is scheduled to take place at 8:00 pm on Friday night, May 27th.  The start/finish line is front of the Children's Museum, with a one-mile course along Sixth Avenue.  We anticipate about 1,000 total runners for the night, with another 3,000 at the Saturday Night Run.
How Many Can Sign Up? 
As many as we can get.  The first 60 finishers in each race will receive a commemorative medallion.  We want members of local police, sheriff, fire, border patrol, military, and other civil servants who provide security for us.  We've invited Tucson Police, Tucson Fire, Rural Metro, Drexel Fire, Oro Valley Police, Marana Police, UAPD, the Border Patrol and Pima County Sheriff.  We'll reach out to Saguaro National Park, DM and others, too!!  Any ideas?  Pass 'em along . . .
Who are Beneficiaries?
Using typical running race scoring, the fastest Battle of the Badges team of five will earn a $250 donation to the charity of their choice.  We will use the rest of the proceeds as part of our $25,000+ charity donation to the Children's Museum, Child and Family Resources, Educational Enrichment Foundation, Living Streets Alliance, Greater Tucson Leadership, and other local charities.  
How Did You Get the Idea for the Battle of the Badges?
We saw this at a race in Albuquerque a few years ago and have always wanted to do it here in Tucson.  What do you think?  Is this a good idea and do you have suggestions for improving it?  Are you able to get the word to your colleagues?

How Much Does it Cost and How do We Register? 
Each mile event is $20 per person, with a special discount to civil servants.  To receive the special Battle of the Badges discount for civil servants, please email Randy Accetta here.


RRCA Championships: TMC Night Run brings runners from around the country to Tucson

Mar 24, 2016

The May 28 TMC 5k Night Run and the May 27 Friday Night Festival of Miles have been named Championship Races.  You can sign up now for low-pricing.  SAR is a member of the nation's most important running organization, the Road Runners Club of America,​ and the RRCA has named the popular TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run as the 2016 West Regional 5k Championships, meaning that runners from around the country will travel to Tucson for our favorite race.  In addition, the RRCA has named the inaugural Friday Night Festival of Miles as the 2016 Arizona State Championship.  As you can tell, we're proud that we're making Tucson part of the national running scene!



What’s this about a Festival of Miles on Memorial Day weekend?

Feb 19, 2016

We're planning a Tucson Staycation Running Celebration for Memorial Day weekend, so join us at the Inaugural Friday Night Festival of Miles, a new addition to Tucson's most popular race, the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run and Walk.  

The May 27th Festival of Miles include the FitKidz free mile run and walk for children 12 and under, plus 8 other categories, for all ages and all abilities.  

One Mile. 5,280 feet. 1,760 yards.  Why are we doing a Festival of Miles?  We want Tucson to get out and get moving and have fun.  We want Tucson to feel good about itself and doing a Mile is a great way to start. Walking, strolling, jogging, running, sauntering, with Grandma and Grandpa, with your cutie pie hand-in-hand, with the kids . . . 

The Mile is as American as apple pie.  It's how we measure things, it's how we perceive the world, it's how we guage time.  More than that, the Mile is an essential element for our running world -- think about it: the 100 yard dash, the marathon, the Mile.  These are the icons of our world.

So join us as we join the "Bring Back the Mile" movement.  Special thanks to Bring Back the Mile for reminding us that the Mile still matters. See for more details.

We're still planning the details and we may merge some of these categories depending on the number of entrants, but here's the tentative schedule for Friday night, May 27th.  Except for the FitKidz event which is open to all, each race is capped at 100 participants.  Registration will be announced soon, so keep an eye out!

5:00 - 6:30 Registration and free t-shirt pick-up -- plus vendor expo, live music, food trucks and ongoing activities throughout the night
6:00 Boys Teen & High School Mile, for 13-19 years old boys
6:15 Girls Teen & High School Mile, for 13-19 years old girls
6:30 Free FitKidz Mile for all children 12-and-under, includes free FitKidz shirt
7:00 Men's Masters Mile for all abilities, men 40-and-over, Arizona State Championship and Prize Money event
7:15 Women's Masters Mile for all abilities, women 40-and-over, Arizona State Championship and Prize Money event
7:30 Tucson Tutu Mile, for men and women of all ages and abilities wearing tutus
8:00 Battle of the Badges, for police, fire departments, border patrol, sheriff department and other civil service members
8:15 Open Women for all abilities, Arizona State Championship and Prize Money event
8:30 Open Men for all abilities, Arizona State Championship and Prize Money event

If you want to sponsor this event or be part of our weekend expo, contact Race Director Randy Accetta at


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