TMC Sunrise at Old Tucson Race Report

Randy Accetta February 27, 2020

Race Report for 2020 TMC Sunrise at Old Tucson Trail Run.  You can find the results here.  If you did not receive your age group or overall award, the Running Shop Gift Certificates will be at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell Avenue).  As well, remaining medals and extra shirts will be available at The Running Shop through the end of February-- if you did not pick up your items, please feel free to stop by during regular business hours.  Please note that not all shirt sizes are available.

You can find the full race report here, complete with photos from our friends the Goatographer and Damion Alexander.  There were so many great stories on race morning -- four runners over 80 years of age and another 21 over 70, plus countless youngsters and some serious speed-demon running. We offer a special congratulations to the members of Achilles International, Tucson for participating. As co-founder Lupita Hernandez writes, "it really means a lot to us and we look forward to future races! The team is already talking about how much fun they had and asking when the next races are. Once again thank you so very much!" Achilles, Empowering Athletes with Disabilities Since 1993.

This race provides $2,000 to the Southern Arizona Roadrunners for their operations and programming. As well, we offer a special thanks to the 52 registrants who made additional donations to the TMC Girls on the Run Program. Your funds will go a long way to helping young students train for their first-ever 5k this spring.

Every year leading up to this race, I forget how beautiful it is out there on the trails, with towering saguaro, red dirt trails, and the mountains to the east – all made more magnificent by the scent of horse poop.  Gosh, what a beautiful place it is -- and what a great way to spend a day! Thanks again for making the TMC Sunrise at Old Tucson so much fun!

Randy Accetta and Tia Accetta, Race Directors |

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