Thanks to volunteers for TMC Meet Me Downtown

Randy Accetta June 18, 2018

The first goal of a running race is to ensure safety, the second goal is to ensure accuracy of distance and accuracy of results, and the third goal is to try to have fun.  It takes a lot of folks to succeed at those goals -- to that end, we want to thank the folks who helped us have a great TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run!  We're sure we missed some folks -- let us know who we missed at

Planning: Linda Whelan

Photos: Kerry Whelan and Damion Alexander and video from Diane Manzini

20 water station volunteers from Educational Enrichment Foundation at 17th Street and Sevent
20 water station volunteers from Greater Tucson Leadership at Five Points 
5 finish line water station volunteersfrom BEYOND/WatershedManagement

10 Tucson Tri-Girls at the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown Tent 

10 SAR volunteers for the FitKidz Mile, including Diane, Amy, Cary, Amy, Ashley, Steve, Tia, and more

Registration and staging area help:

Steve and Sheryl Felde
Cindy Schnell
Marti and Stephane Ackermann
Steve Sheldon
LInda Pitney
Guy Mcarther
Joe Faulk
Bob and LIa Erbe
Heather HOpkins
Dave Dixon
Austin Grover
Natalie Uy
Connie Lopez
Shirley Hester
Sheryl and Pete Ruggles
Ashley Shepherd
Greg Dischlek
Alicia Mujica
Denis Zinisky
Denis Brown
Peg Davis
Merry Dearmon
Steve Moore
Don Taylor
LInda Whelan
Michelle Hawk
Delaney Schnell
Itzel Rojas
Itzel Marques
Linda Scheu
Glenn Davis
Maureen Cunningham
Erik Sanders
Steve Outridge
Doreen Davis
Diane Manzini
Amye Chaparro
Janet Holland
Sharon Bart and the gang from The Running Shop!

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