Team World Champions, Number of Participant Division

Randy Accetta June 1, 2019

Below is a list of teams with more than 5 people registered, including TMC Meet Me Downtown and Gabe Z teams.  The top two teams are taken out of award consideration -- TMC because they are a sponsor, and The Workout Group because this group of runners is coached by the race directors and while we're proud that they signed up it does not seem fair to put on a race and give awards to the people we coach!  

Thus, the World Champions in the Most Number of Team Members Division is the Arizona Attorney General's Office, with folks coming from Phoenix and Tucson!  They receive a $100 gift certificate to be used at Hotel Congress, including Cup Cafe and the Tap Room.   We will do the random drawing for all eligible teams at the starting line.

Group Name  + Number of Members
Tucson Medical Center 45
The Workout Group 42
Winner: Arizona Attorney General's Office 30
Team Hoyt 28
Skeleton Crew 21
Tucson Electric Power 20
60, the new 40 15
Cool Arrows 12
Drop it like it’s Hot! 12
It's Only A 5K 11
Pimp my stride 11
Tucson Runners Project 11
Fleet Feet 10
UA Physics 10
Destination U! 9
Porsche Tucson Trotters 9
Ratcatchers 9
Night Ninjas 8
Tom Bower State Farm 8
Tucson Police 8
UA Physics  8
Meet Me at Maynard's 8
Flash Performance 7
Fort Lowell Realty 7
Friends 6
Race Ipsa Loquitor 6
Running From the Law 6
Undertrained & Overconfident 6
Chunky Monkeys 5
Fanny Pack Mafia 5
Moscar 5
Runnin up a tab 5
Team Horrible 5
Tucson Hybrids 5

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