Race Report for TMC Meet Me Downtown VIRTUAL 5k and One Mile

Randy Accetta June 14, 2020

June 10 Update: Well, if it's not one thing, it's another. As we write this, our beloved Catalina Mountains are on fire, with crews working heroically to contain the flames. We hope that all of our running community friends are safe. Speaking of safety, you can see the Southern Arizona Roadrunners Facebook page for helpful health updates.

Now, back to the Virtual TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k. 

We wish we could have thrown a big ol' running party for, but we sure got to see a lot of you when you came by The Running Shop and Hotel Congress to snag your goodie bags. Thanks, too, to those of you who participated from afar, including a runner from Latvia! 

Below that you'll find information on the results, the raffle winners, the donations, and how to pick up your goodies if you haven't received 'em yet. 
Thanks again,
Randy and Tia Accetta
randy@runtucson.net | tia@runtucson.net


You can find the TMC Meet Me Downtown results here.  The virtual event is non-competitive and all results are self-reported.  
If you did the virtual run but have not yet reported your results, you can  submit your results to the google doc , and we'll update the results later in June. 
Grand Prix Update: Please note that SAR will provide all SAR members credit towards SAR's 2020 Running Shop Grand Prix. See the updated  SAR Running Shop Grand Prix details here.

1) Local In-Person Pickup: Many of you were able to come to The Running Shop or Hotel Congress to get your final goodies for the events. 
If you're one of the 30 locals who did not pick up your items, you can pick 'em up through the end of June at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell).
2) Out-of-Town: We've mailed all the out-of-town packets, so be sure to check your mail for an exciting "Run Tucson" mailer. 
Questions? Contact info@runtucson.net 

Check out the Facebook Live raffle and award announcement at The Running Shop . 
Below is a list of the recipients and the restaurants and stores to which they received their gift cards. Winners can pick up your gift cards at The Running Shop.
Special thanks to our many friends who helped provide prizes: Kim and Don Bourn from Bourn Companies; Sharon Bart and the crew at The Running Shop; Todd Hanley and the crew at Hotel Congress; and Kathleen Eriksen and the crew at the Downtown Tucson Partnership.
Ruth Acedo
Serene Espinoza
Bob Marshall
Paulette Yates
Jennifer Lawrence
Noemi Mills
Tamaki Layman
Meghan Mensack
Sushi Garden
Steve Abbott
Teresa Truelsen
The Parish
Carrie Serra
Carol Torpey
Donut Bar
D’Ann Hunt
Pueblo Vida
Joanie Rogucki
Jennifer Wellborn
Hotel Congress
Dolores Addison
Michael De Alto
Jennifer Estrada
Clarisa Nido
Running Shop
Connie Lopez 
Mark Belanger
Zach Delaney 
Caitlin Cuslidge
Whitney LaCombe
Gloria Lebario 
Darby McMahon
Christian Smith 
Julie Sparkman 
Frank Vargas

Most Members: Team Hoyt Arizona, winning a $100 gift card to be used at The Cup, Hotel Congress, or Maynard's Market.
Random Team Drawing: Team “Heads Up” also wins a $100 gift card to be used at The Cup, Hotel Congress, or Maynard's Market.
A representative from the winning team can pick up your gift cards at The Running Shop.


Thanks to all of you for helping us raise over $10,000 for these local organizations:
TMC Marks Fund for Employee Assistance
Greater Tucson Leadership
Children's Museum, Tucson
Educational Enrichment Foundation
the Humane Society of Southern Arizona
Southern Arizona Roadrunners
Special thanks to funding from Cox Communications, Cox Charities, Rio Nuevo, and Tucson Medical Center!

The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Tucson and Southern Arizona through running and walking.

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