Race Report for 48th Saguaro!

Randy Accetta September 4, 2017

Well, that was a fun morning, wasn't it?  The manadatory cap on race participants made it feel like a party for the cool kids -- or, should I say, a party for "we're-a-little-bit-loopy-in-a-nice-way-kids" -- the kind of runners that like to slog their way up hill after hill after hill, with the hot sun rising over the Rincons and beating down.  Yup, today's runners and walkers were definately the crazy kids . . . and yet, smiles were everywhere, with happy bell-ringing and laughter and music.  Nicely done all!  

ResultsCheck the results page here -- if you won an age group or overall award, please visit the Running Shop at 3055 North Campbell sometime in September to get your tote bag and your Running Shop Gift Certificate.  If you signed up for the race but did not run, you can grab a leftover shirt from The Running Shop -- but we don't have a ton left, so it will be first-come, first-served . . . 

Photos: As Kerry Whelan writes, this may have been the most photographed race in the history of Saguaro!  Check out the SAR facebook page for snapshots -- and then over the coming days see the links on the Goatographer facebook page and the Oro Valley Photography page.  First to the web are the photos from our friend Damion Alexander's facebook page!

If you have any post-race questions, please contact Randy Accetta here or Tia Accetta here.  

Now, on to the details . . .

In the flagship 8-miler, first place over the demanding loop course went to first-time champ 23-year-old Tyler Bauer, running with the UofA Wildcat Running Club and The Workout Group.  Tyler took an early lead then held on against the second place runner, Aaryn Olsson, 41, who is making quite the splash in the running scene, picking up the sport after a couple of decades away.  

Third place overall was also the first place woman, as professional triathlete Heather Jackson from Bend, Oregon led the way in 50:52.  Second place woman was former Pima standout, Tanaya Gallagher in 42:23, coming down from Sedona, while third place went to local standout Lauren Reasoner, who was on hand at 5:00 am to volunteer -- she wins the world championship of volunteering/racing!

In the rolling 5k, Merle Crutchfield IV took first place in 1854, followed by Charles Iglehart in 19:19 and David Jeck in 20:54.  First female was Sharon Snyder in 22:23, holding off Alonna Hannibal, all of 12 years old who completed the out-and-back in 22:51.  Julesha Jones, 44, took third.  

Farther down the list of finishers was Lupita Hernandez, a visually-impaired runner completing the 5k for the first time.  

Our last place finisher in the 8-miler was a Meet Me at Maynard's stalwart, Wilma Valdanegro, in just over 3 hours!  

Speaking of first-timers, DJ Rich cranked the tunes for his first Saguaro race -- thanks to DJ Rich Mayorga!

While most of the runners and walkers came from the Tucson area, runners from Florida, Washington, DC, California, Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Washington State, Florida, New Mexico, Kansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and South Dakota cruised the cactus forest courses.  One fellow raced in Tulsa on Saturday and flew in Sunday just to do the race!  Our fathest visitor cameall the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

We want to thank the more than 100 folks who helped with the race: the runners at Sahuaro High School who handed out water at Miles 2, 4, and 6.  The Tucson Tri-GIrls who screamed and yelled at Mile 7, bringing in our last finisher, Grandma Wilma!   The high school cross country Wolves of St. Augustine, who shouldered water bottle after water bottle to ensure that all the finishers were hydrated.  The Roadrunner Timing crew made sure everything was spot-on at the finish line.  

Finally, special thanks to the crew at Saguaro National Park for all their cheer -- from volunteers to Rangers, you made our day!  


Below is a list of some of those who labored this morning, but special appreciation is due to Steve and Sheryl Felde for all the registration efforts over the weekend and to Michelle Hawk and Steve Outridge, for their hours in the rental truck, first dropping the mile markers and the water stations, then looping again to pick everything up.  

Kerry and Linda Whelan did all sorts of work -- pretty much behind the scenes the whole way, from Linda's pre-race organizing to Kerry's race weekend photography -- not to mention all of his unsung post-race photo work!   Thanks to Jen and Chris Garcia for helping with the free kids dash! Nicely done!!

Here's a list of the rest of the volunteers who spent their time making sure we all were happy and safe today:

Steve and Sheryl
Marti Ackermann
Linda Whelan
Cindy Schnell
Merry Dearmon
Peggy Chalk
Lauren Reasoner
Kelly Mack
Chris, Jen, and Eddie Garcia
Mulcogi Seng

Sharon Bart from the Running Shop

Austin and daughter Kailee Grover
Joe Faulk
Andrew Peck
Steve Sheldon
Alec Brioness
Janet Holland
Igor Suarez
Dave Odom
Dave Dixon
Heather Hopkins
Amye Chaparro
Claire Pederson
Eric Sanders
Michelle Hawk
Robin Gerard
Doreen Davis
Steve Outridge
Maureen Cunningham
Chris Fall
Connie Lopez

Michael Miller

Lucas Tyler and Diane Manzini
Maureen Cunningham

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