Here’s how to sign up in person for TMC Get Moving Tucson—plus a ton of race day info

Randy Accetta October 28, 2016

Online registration is now closed, but you can still sign up in person and pick up your packet at the race site (101 North Church) on Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  If you need to change your race from the half-marathon to the 5k, please come to the race on Saturday morning and check in with the timing tent first.  If you have more questions about race weekend logistics, please click here for the most recent Race Weekend Information Email to all participants -- this provides all the race day details you need, including schedules, routes, parking, timing, and more.

Parking maps for Downtown can be found here and

The prize money and awards for both the Tucson Lifestyle 5k and the TMC A-Mountain Half Marathon (the RRCA State Championship) details are here:

Please note that overall and masters winners will be determined by "gun" time at the starting line while age group winners will be based on chip time.

• $100 to first overall male and $100 to first overall female; $50 to top overall Master's (Over-40) male and female

• $200 to the top 5 males who break 1:11 and to the top 5 females who break 1:26

• $500 for course records.  Current course records are Scott Smith’s 1:06:23 (2012) and Jennifer Bergman's 1:19:44 (2015)

• $50 to first male and female member of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners

• Preem award of $100 to first male and female runner to the “A” on Sentinel Peak 


**A-Mountain preem prize money is only given if the A-Mountain leader finishes the complete half-marathon in under 1:30 minutes for the man and 1:40 minutes for the woman

++ Runners who break the course record will receive $500, but not the additional $200

To Clarify: Awards are based on "gun" starting time for overall and masters, and chip time for age group.

Age Group Awards for both 5k and Half-Marathon courtesy of the Running Shop

TMC 1/2 marathon
Overall 1: Cash + sock
Overall 2, 3: $40, $30 gift cert to the Running Shop + sock
Masters 1: Cash + sock
AG 1: $20 gift cert to Running Shop + sock
AG 2: $15 gift cert to Running Shop + sock
AG 3: sock

5K Run/Walk
Overall 1, 2, 3: $30, $25, $20 gc to Running Shop + sock
Masters 1: $20 gc to Running Shop + sock
AG 1: sock
AG 2: $15 gc to Running Shop
AG 3: $10 gc to Running Shop

My wife says this is too complicated, but we are trying to reward performance and local running.  So, as an example, if a man wins the race overall in 1:11:01 but is second to the "A" and not a SAR member he will get only $100.  If the winning man or woman is first to break the course record, is first to the "A", and is also a member of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, he or she will win $750.  When in doubt, join SAR! 

TMC Get Moving Tucson Event: A-Mountain Half-Marathon Top Ten Times, Men 
1 Scott Smith 26 1:06:23 Oct-21-2012
2 Craig Curley  23 1:07:13 Oct-9-2011
3 Jordan Chipingama 23 1:08:20 Oct-21-2012
4 Ian Burrell  28 1:09:14 Oct-20-2013
5 Kurt Michels  29 1:09:58 Oct-20-2013

6. Craig Curley 27 1:13:00 Oct-25-2015
7 Andrew Allstadt  30 1:13:16 Oct-20-2013
8 Steve Slaby 30 1:14:34 Oct-9-2011
9 Alejandro Troncoso 26 1:14:36 Oct-19-2014
10 Alex Mauro 22 1:14:45  Oct-25-2015

TMC Get Moving Tucson Event: A-Mountain Half-Marathon Top Ten Times, Women
1 Jennifer Bergman 23 1:19:44 Oct-25-2015

2 Ariana Hilborn 33 1:21:17 Oct-20-2013

3 Autumn Ray 35 1:21:57 Oct-25-2015
4 Autumn Ray 34 1:22:06 Oct-19-2014

5 Amy Cole 30 1:23:40 Oct-19-2014
6 Maggie Callahan 25 1:23:42 Oct-20-2013
7 Alicia Shay 30 1:24:35 Oct-21-2012
8 Tia Accetta 37 1:24:43 Oct-21-2012

9 Erin Menefee 23 1:25:50 Oct-25-2015
10  Hanna Henson 22 1:26:13 Oct-21-201

The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Tucson and Southern Arizona through running and walking.

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