Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown Update

Randy Accetta September 11, 2019

Hello to everyone who has signed up for the 2019 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown. We are gearing up for this weekend's TMC Tucson 10k and 5k, so here are some details about the GZTC and the TMC Tucson 10k:  

Donations:  We count 841 registrants in the Triple Crown, so we will be providing $10 per registrant to the BEYOND-Tucson Foundation, for a total of about $8410.  On top of that, about 123 of you have donated to the BEYOND Foundation for a total donation amount of about $2200, which brings the grand total raised for BEYOND to over $10,600!!   A list of donor acknowledgements is farther below.  Thank you for all of your support for Gabe, the Zimmerman family, BEYOND and our great Tucson community . . .

Race Day: If you are doing TMC Tucson 10k event in person: Each TMC Tucson 10k or 5k finisher will receive the TMC Tucson 10k race medal.  You do not have to go to a tent and pick anything up -- simply finish the race and get your medallion!  For those who signed up after the TMC Meet Me Downtown run, we will have extra Run Tucson GabeZ shirts at the "Run Tucson" tent, so you can swing by the tent if you did not get your green shirt or Meet Me Downtown medal.  We cannot promise the perfect shirt size.

Virtual Local Crown: If you have to miss this race and will do it as part of the Virtual Triple Crown, please do this: run 6.2 miles or 3.1 miles sometime this week.  Then post a photo of your run on social media -- tag @RUNTUCSON and @RunSAR with #gabezimmermantriplecrown. If you need to pick up your shirts and medals after the race, please visit The Running Shop at 3055 North Campbell starting on September 19th. They have a list of Triple Crown registrants, but it would be most helpful if you were prepared -- explain to them that you signed up for the Triple Crown but have done the race virtually. 

Please note that we will NOT have every shirt size available after the race -- so please be kind and gracious with them as they help you get the best shirt for you, even if it is not the perfect shirt for you.
We are grateful to Sharon Bart and The Running Shop staff for providing so much support for our races.

Out of Town Crown: we still have the list of out-of-town virtual participants, so we'll mail shirts and medals to you shortly.

We're trying to keep up with you, so please be patient with us and email us again if you have not received stuff in the mail. 

This race is the second leg of the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown and will benefit both the BEYOND-TUCSON Foundation and the Southern Arizona Roadrunners.  You know about SAR, but here's what you might not know about BEYOND:
Founded in reaction to the mass shooting of January 11, 2011, BEYOND's "mission is to promote the use of good science and rational analysis to improve individual and community health." 
BEYOND is unique Rx health formula emphasizing four key pillars that supports optimum physical and mental health:
EXPLORE:  Getting outdoors and spending time in nature;
MOVE:  Engaging in regular physical activity;
NOURISH:  Eating healthy foods; and
CONNECT:  Connecting with one another as a community.
These four key pillars support the basis of BEYOND's mission. Along with its partners, BEYOND provides year-round opportunities for the public to participate in a series of healthy activities and to learn more about the scientific research that shows why these four pillars are critical for optimal physical and mental health.

Thanks to all of you who have donated -- here is a list of the "on behalf" roster of donations:

On Behalf Of
David Gonzales
Jesse Minyard
Katherine Bauer
Belinda Martin
Diana Ziolkowski
Caroline Gardiner
Tristyn Tucci
Fonda Insley
Craig Downing
Joel Acken
Pedro Sanchez
Eva McDonough
Kinzi Hotchkiss
Sara Parker
Jann Northway
Andy Flagg
Katherine Bauer
Nancy Martinez
Jonathan Isabelle
Kim Fernandez
Kim Good
Bob Arendt
Branden Hickok
Kamree Cady
Jason Harris
Lucas Hawley
TJ Diggs
Natalie McEntaffer
Igor Sola
Pete Robles
Degas Magdalena Lopez
Colin McRae
Junie Hostetler
Dawn Parker
Robert Norwood
Sean Doyle
Karen A Hauser
Michael Moynihan
Gabe Zimmerman
Savannah Mott
Sue Abramson
Christopher Jansmann
Rose Dill
Kayla Richards
Kathy McLeod
Laura Veretenikoff
Patrick Lopez
Steve Martin
Aaron Lattimore
Joey Freeland
Renata El
Megan Baker
Mary (Peg) Heslinga
Joe Sobansky
Lilliane Salazar
Alya Verdugo
Jennifer Dorris
Janet Quackenbush
Jason Harris
Public School teachers in Arizona
Richard Thompson
Dan Dasse
Katie McMurrich
Kari Warner
Katherine Bauer
Carole Dinsmore
Vanessa Cota
Dalinda Cantu
Jennifer Hoffman
Jamie Miller
Kelly Kempi
Doug Whitehill
Charles du Preez
Cindy Dooling
Rene Moreno
Serena Samaniego
Andrew Kilpatrick
Jenn Smith
Christina Humphries
William Santos
Kathryn Honda
Jessica Good
Paul Emmert
Kelly Sloan
Roberta Krakauer
Steve Pangburn
Julie Sparkman
Sean Doyle
Michelle Gossen
Heiselle Marquez
Christopher Jansmann
Sarah Gotschall
Eva McDonough
Robin Timm-Smith
Ray Hansen
Pat Schumann
Michelle Gossen
Kirsten Pennartz
Eva McDonough
Joshua Stine
Javier Hernandez
Jason Harris
Martha Nunez
Khali Carlos
Taylor Howard
Maribeth Morehart
Cathy Adam
Joe Plassmann
Margot Moreno
Emily Nottingham
Gabe Zimmerman
Lisa Rezende
Jennifer Lawrence
Jerome Hesse
Dave Dixon
Scott Rossi
Nate Byerley
Zachary Dowson
Brandy Elliott
Kayla Richards
Jessica Acuna
Michael & Debbie Moynihan
Pam Golden
Roberta Krakauer
Amber Findysz
Andrew Peck
bruce hermes
Matt Van Derlaske
Otto Matteson
Leondra Price
Tim Crist
Bob Arendt

The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Tucson and Southern Arizona through running and walking.

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