Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown Update, June 12

Randy Accetta June 12, 2018

Below is the June 12 email to the 918 registrants of the Triple Crown. Remember, you can still register online here and do the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run virtually!  

Thank you for being one of the 918 folks who have signed up for the 2018 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown. As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, you've broken the GZTC world record by more than 120 people!

1) If you're one of the 700 or so who picked up your medal and shirt at the GZTC tents on race night, you're good to go until September! All you have to do is get in some easy summer miles, and then ramp up for the TMC Tucson 10k and 5k on September 16th.

2) If you did NOT get a chance to snag your shirt or medal at the GZTC tents, then you can pick up your shirt and medal at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell Avenue).

SHIRT NOTE: A few of the red "Run Tucson GZTC" shirts are still at the Running Shop in various sizes. New "Run Tucson" shirts have been ordered and printed, and are being delivered to The Running Shop on June 14th.
As always, we cannot promise the perfect size but please come see what they have. If you want to swap out a shirt you already received, please come down and try one on.

MEDALLION NOTE: About 30 medals were just delivered to The Running Shop, so you can swing by there. Please note that we will probably run out within a week or so.
New TMC Meet Me Downtown GZTC medallions have to be custom-made in China and will take a couple of months to get made and delivered. We ordered 800 originally, so our plan is to order another round of 150 or so.
We hope to have them available earlier, but they will certainly be ready for pick-up at the TMC Tucson 10k on September 16th.

3) Those of you who participated virtually and live outside of the Tucson region, we will be mailing your Triple Crown shirts and medals in the coming week.  We've got them mostly packed and ready to go, but we need to double-check a few final items and get 'em to the post office.

4) Those of you who participated virtually and live near Tucson (Green Valley, Oro Valley, etc), please visit the Running Shop to pick up your items. 

5) Please be nice to the staff at the Running Shop -- any mistakes are mine, so send me a note at and we'll get it taken care of.

Thank you,
Randy and Tia and the gang 

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