Registration Closed + Details for all Saguaro Labor Day Run Participants

Randy Accetta August 30, 2019

Registration has closed for SAR's Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run.  If you have signed up, though, please see all the race details below.  If you still have questions after reading everything, contact Race Director Randy Accetta

Monday, September 2nd

Saguaro National Park EAST, 3693 S. Old Spanish Trail Rd
5:15-6:00 AM Packet pick-up at Saguaro Park EAST
You can pick up your shirts and numbers at the SAR tents in the main parking lot near the Visitor’s Center. There is no race day registration, only number/shirt pick-up.  You can pick up the shirt and number of someone else, but this is capped to 5 total people at a time -- please be respectful of the people in line and don't spend a year-and-a-half trying to figure out if the t-shirt is the perfect size. 

Note: If you want to change from the 8-miler to the 5k, please give enough time to meet with the official race timer to manage your switch.  There is no need to change your registration or your number. Because this is chip-timed, your 5k time will be recorded.

NO: There is no race day registration, so please do not expect to be able to register on race day Monday.

5:45 am Early start gathering at the starting line for the early start in the 8-mile for walkers and walk/runners.  If you anticipate spending longer than 2 hours on the course, please start early. Note, early starters are not eligible for awards or Grand Prix points, except for age-groups 65+. It will be hot on race morning, so please make the safe choice.
6:15 8-milers can begin to line up at flagpole, 5k behind the 8-milers. In both races, please line up in order of your expected racing pace: 5-minutes/mile at the front; 6-minutes/mile behind them, and so forth.
6:15 A few words from the National Park Service
6:25 8-Mile Run start
6:30 5k Walk/run start

Post-race Refreshments: water, Gatorade, cold samples from Nekter Juice Bar, plus fruit, salty, and carbohydrat-y snack items
8:30 (approx) Begin Raffle Prizes and Race Awards, courtesy of The Running Shop

9:00 Official course closure -- for safety's sake, the National Park Service reserves the right to pick up any participants still on the course starting at 9:00 am. 


PLEASE CAR POOL! The National Park Service is creating a DROP Zone (get it? Drop Runners Off at Park - DROP).  This way you can drop off a car-load of runners in front of Saguaro East, then go park. 
Participants can park on Old Spanish Trail, Freeman Road, and Escalante. Please obey traffic laws and don't park in driveways. Please allow at least 2 car lengths between you and a stop sign.
Please be sure that you don't block the bicycle lanes -- keep your wheels to the outside of the road so that bike traffic is not impaired. Please keep an eye out for bike riders and be sure to share the road.
Please note that the Pima County Department of Transportation is monitoring the race to ensure that we are complying with safety and legal regulations. 
Remember, the later you arrive, the farther away from the starting line you will have to park.

IMPORTANT: Do not bring pets to the event - and do not leave them in your car!!  

Restrooms: Please use restrooms provided by Waste Management – the restrooms will be readily visible on Park grounds, just west of the race staging area.

NOTE: the restroom lines go faster if you make a line for each one and you stand closer to the doors!!! 
Do NOT go to the bathroom in the desert: the Park Service reserves the right to hand out fines.

Please put your bib number on the front of your shirt using the pins provided at registration. Greg Wenneborg is our official timer, and he is using the chip-based timing system from IPICO, so your bib will have an RFID tag on the back of the bib. Please leave this on your bib and don't bend it. 
Course and Staging Information 
No Headphones: Please do NOT wear headphones. Headphones are strongly discouraged -- not only is it unsafe to run without one of your main senses, we want this to be a fun, community event -- so talk with the strangers you're running with, then outsprint 'em to the finish!! 
Plus, rattlesnakes rattle for a reason -- you will want to hear 'em if they get angry . . . 
(As an aside, for reasons of personal safety and public courtesy, we recommend that you NEVER wear headphones when you run outside.)

The 5k Run & Walk course covers a flatter (but still rolling) course that is suitable for strollers and families.
This is an out-and-back with a 180-degree turnaround down by the picnic ground. Please stay to the right the whole way. About 40 minutes into the 5k the 8-mile lead runners will start to pass you -- please give them the right-of-way. 

All 5k participants: Please stay on the right of the road at all times -- go out on the right, turn around and come back on the right.
Strollers and walkers in the 5k-- please stay to the RIGHT on the route on both the out and the back - this will ensure that the 8-miler leaders can pass you during their final racing mile.

The 8-Mile Course is hilly, so please be prepared for the sun and the heat. If you plan on being on the course for more than two hours, please bring your own water to ensure your safety. Please start the race in approximate order of your estimate minutes-per-mile, with the fastest runners at the front. 
No strollers are allowed on the 8-mile course.
The 8 Miler is part of The Running Shop SAR Grand Prix. Thanks to Dave Hill for ensuring that we are a measured course. The course is USATF Certified, #14-48-523.
No bicycles, wheelchairs, skateboards, roller skates or pets allowed on the 8 mile or 5k course. 
Water Stations - Long-time friend of Tucson running, Culligan Water will be located at approximately 2, 4, 6 and 7 miles -- and the 1 & 2 mile marks in the 5k.   
Students from Sahuaro High School Cross Country will be at the 2, 4, and 6 mile marks.
Thanks to our friends the Tucson Tri-Girls for handling the water stations at mile 7, which is also the 1 and 2 mile mark for the 5k. The National Park Service will also have volunteers at the 7-mile mark.
Thanks to volunteers from The Workout Group for coordinating the refreshing water at the start/finish line.
Be sure to use the garbage and recycling containers provided by Waste Management. 
AMR provides a dedicated ambulance at the finish line. 
Thanks to Waste Management for providing the privees. Please do not use the desert to relieve yourself: the Park Service may fine you - and a snake may bite you!!

Race Director Prize Money Challenge: The first man who breaks race director Randy's course PR of 42:48 will receive $424.80 in cash on the barrelhead. The first woman who breaks a gender-graded equivalent of 47:48 will receive $474.80 in cash on the barrelhead.
Nicholas Hilton 41:33, 2018
Katie James 46:39, 2016
Special thanks to The Running Shop, long-time sponsor of SAR and the Saguaro Labor Day Run!
8 Miler.
Overall top three and Age groups: 15-19, 20-24, etc to 80 & over 
Overall 1, 2, 3 $40, $30, $20 + bottle opener
Masters 1 $20 + bottle opener
AG 1 $15 + bottle opener, 2 $10 + bottle opener, 3 bottle opener
5K: Top three men and women, plus first place in age groups in 10-year categories: 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 + 
Overall 1, 2, 3 $25, $20, $15 + bottle opener
Masters 1 $15 + bottle opener
AG 1 bottle opener
In these races, there is no double-dipping. Overall winner will be taken out of all Age Group awards.

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