3rd Annual Sabino Canyon FitKidz One Mile Classic: Race Recap

steve outridge October 1, 2015

Outstanding, joyous, exuberant, festive, heartwarming; those are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think back on the 3rd annual Sabino Canyon FitKidz One Mile Classic that took place on National Public Lands Day, Saturday morning, September 26, 2015 at the majestic Sabino Canyon.

We were incredibly pleased to see 220 kids cross the finish line which was about 50 more than last year! The addition of the cheering supplies table (cowbells/poster making) and having prize packs for each kid that included SAR FitKidz wristbands, snacks, plus a Champ Youth Kids activity book were both a big hit.  Along with crossing the finish line, the face painting and the eegees gift certificates that were raffled off were highlights for our young athletes. However, without question our favorite part of the day was simply seeing the smiles on the kids and parents faces as they celebrated being active together!

We would like to thank our good friends with the Forest Service, particularly Mindi Lehew, for allowing us to have this event in the beautiful Sabino Canyon. We’d also like to thank Fred Blatt and the Friends of Sabino Canyon for all of their help and support, as well as the free water bottles they gave to the kids. Thanks as well to Petunia the Clown for all of the wonderful face painting and to our friends at Vision Quest for the goodies they gave to participants and all they do in our community.

Of course, we are also indebted by the support of all of our FitKidz sponsors who partner with us to produce these free FitKidz events. Thank you so much to Tucson Medical Center, Champ Youth Sports, eegees, and Spirit Messingham with Tierra Antiqua Realty.

The course for this event is only one mile long but there are many volunteers needed to make it a success. Many thanks to our SAR’s FitKidz committee, led by Diane Manzini, Doreen Davis, Michelle Hawk, Randy and Tia Accetta and Steve Outridge. Thanks also to race day volunteers including: Greg Wenneborg and RoadRunner Race Timing for donating their excellent timing services, Richard Senti, Chad Dailey, Kim Isaac and daughter, Angelica Maria Martinez, Melissa Ochoa, Amelie Messingham, Melissa Newberry, Michael Miller, Steve Hughes, Doreen Davis, Tera Estes, Don Taylor, Tia Accetta, Monica Bermudez, Cindy Schnell and her class for stuffing our goodie bags, and folks from the Friends of Sabino Canyon including Fred Blatt.
On this day, we were all winners, and we were all one community coming together to promote health and wellness for our youth, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Steve Outridge and Diane Manzini
SAR VPs and Race Directors for the Sabino FitKidz Event

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