2016 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown registration opened again!

Randy Accetta July 20, 2016

2016 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown online registration opened again!  This is easier in the form of Q and A, so here goes:

Q.  I did the TMC Meet Me Downtown -- can I still sign up for the Triple Crown and receive guaranteed entry to the September 5th TMC Saguaro Labor Day Run and the Halloween Weekend TMC Get Moving Tucson half-marathon and 5k?

A.  Yes.  You can register online here.  If you already did the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k, the Triple Crown cost is $79 through August 1st.  It then goes to $99 from August 2nd - August 28th.  There will be no Triple Crown registration after August 28th.


Q. I did NOT do the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run on Memorial Day -- can I still sign up for the Triple Crown?

A. YES.  We are piloting a Virtual Triple Crown, so all you have to do is sign up for the Virtual Triple Crown for the $99 price and you can still receive entry into the TMC Saguaro and TMC Get Moving Events.  Simply register, then submit a photo of you running a 5k to get credit for the TMC Meet Me Downtown Run.  Then we will add you to the roster of the Triple Crown registrants.  Don't forget: post a photo of you doing a 5k to the SAR facebook page and tag @RunSAR and @RunTucson on instagram and twitter.


Q.  I ran the TMC Meet Me Downtown and I have already signed up for the TMC Saguaro or TMC Get Moving races.  Can I still register for the Triple Crown?

A. Yes, if you have finished the Night Run and you have already signed up for the TMC Saguaro Labor Day Run or the TMC Get Moving 5k or Half-Marathon, please email me directly and I will get you the coupon code for the Triple Crown.


Q.  Is everyone who signed up for the Triple Crown eligible for the three-part "Finisher" medallion? 

A.  This year, everyone who signs up for the Triple Crown receives the large cactus medal and the TMC Meet Me Downtown medallion.  To receive the additional medals, you simply need to finish the other two races.


Q. When do we get the TMC Saguaro medallion?

A.  Triple Crown registrants who finished the TMC Night Run and who finish the TMC Saguaro race can pick up their Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown medal at the Gabe Zimmerman tent at the conclusion of the Saguaro race on September 5th.


Q. Will there be more shirts available?

A.  We currently have about 25 of the 2016 gray Run Tucson - Run Your Passion shirts still available to current registrants at The Running Shop.  Please stop by and pick up a shirt. We will be ordering additional shirts, but they may be a different color and different texture.  We will solve for the t-shirt problem and have additional shirts available at the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown tent at Saguaro National Park on Monday, September 5th.


Q.  Why would the new shirts be different than the ones from May?

A.  The gray shirts were custom-made for us and at the moment we cannot get the same exact material.


Q. If we did the Virtual Triple Crown, can we still get our shirts and medals?

A. We have emailed everyone who signed up for the Virtual Triple Crown.  If you did the TMC Meet Me Downtown virtually but have not heard from us, please email me directly.


Q.  How many people have signed up for the Triple Crown?

A: As of this writing, almost 800 have registered.  


Q.  How much money is being raised from the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown?

A. We provide $10 of every single registration directly to Child and Family Resource, so we're on track to raise over $8,000. 


Q.  Do other charities benefit from the Triple Crown?

A.  The three Triple Crown races will also raise funds for these local groups: Friends of Saguaro, Reid Park Zoo, Children's Museum, Greater Tucson Leadership, Educational Enrichment Foundation, Team Hoyt Arizona Cox Charities, Living Streets Alliance, and Southern Arizona Roadrunners.  As you can see, these are all local organizations dedicated to helping our Tucson community be happy, healthy, and educated. 


In addition to thanking you for your participation, we owe a debt of gratitude to a few folks: 

Julia Strange and Tucson Medical Center for developing the concept and funding the program; 
Ross Zimmerman and Emily Nottingham, Gabe's parents, for supporting the series; 
Our friends at the Arizona Daily Star for helping develop the concept and supporting the events.

Once again, thank you for being part of the 2016 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown.



Randy Accetta

Race Director, Southern Arizona Roadrunners 




instagram: @RunSAR and @runtucson

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