Rillito River Path


Ten-mile multi-use path that follows the banks of the Rillito River from I-10 to Craycroft Rd. The path on the north bank is paved and dedicated to foot traffic, rollerbladers, and cyclists. The south bank is not paved and is dedicated to foot traffic and equestrians. Bathroom facilities can be found at several points along the path. Water fountains are also available.

Road Options

The multi-use path offers about 10 flat, paved, miles accessing three parks. Bathroom facilities and water fountains are available at each park.

Trail Options

The multi-use path offers about 10 flat, packed-dirt, miles. Accessing bathroom facilities and water fountains requires crossing to the north bank via numerous bridges (at least every mile.)




Rillito River Path
Follows the Rillito River from Craycroft to just west of I-10
Parking can be found at nearly every bridge crossing.

NOTE: Parking is not allowed at the office complex on the southwest corner of Campbell and River at any time.

Map and virtual tour available
Mile Markers on the Rillito River Path.

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